The James S. Rickards Fall Invitational

Saturday, November 20, 2021


The James S. Rickards Fall Invitational is one of the largest competitions in the Southeast, generally with over 1,000 competitors from over 45 elementary, middle, and high schools. This year the Invitational will be held in-person on Saturday, November 20th, 2021.

Due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19, we will be making some adjustments to the competition format to reduce potential risks. Team rounds will be replaced with individual open rounds for elementary- and middle-school competitors, and we will do our best to keep competitors as socially distanced as possible throughout the event. Additionally, to limit crowding in the auditorium, we have decided against holding an in-person award ceremony this year; instead, the award ceremony will be livestreamed soon after the day of the competition.

Please read the Competition Handbook pertaining to your level, included below, for further details on the updated format, and send any inquiries you have to our email at


Elementary School Handbook (updated 11/16/21): Elementary School Handbook


Middle and High School Handbook (updated 11/16/21): Middle and High School Handbook


Registration is now closed.



Final Update (12/12): 


Thank you so much to everyone for your patience in waiting for us to finalize the award ceremony and results. If you didn't catch it, the ceremony is recorded here. The full results for middle and high school students have also just been posted under the Results tab on this site. They contain some slight corrections from the scores and placements noted in the award ceremony due to mistakes that were brought to our attention after the fact; however, we will make sure that all competitors who were honored during the award ceremony still receive awards.


We plan to send out trophies for in-person winners and certificates for mail-in winners soon, though they may take a while to arrive due to the interference of winter break. Otherwise, that's about it for this year's competition -- thank you so much for your attendance and we hope you had a fun time!



Post-Competition Update (11/21):


Everyone, thank you so much for attending our competition, whether at Rickards or at your own schools! It meant a lot to us to see so many passionate students from across the state enjoying our tests. The tests, answer keys, and solutions have all been added to the "Past Tests" tab, and a dispute form is available here. Please submit any disputes you have by 11:59 PM tonight - this will allow us to start grading as soon as possible.


Still, due to the interference of Thanksgiving break and the fact that we must wait for mail-in answers to arrive, it will unfortunately be a little while until we can hold our virtual award ceremony. A tentative date for this ceremony is two weeks from now - Saturday December 4th. Thank you for your patience!


Post-Competition Update 2 (12/3):


Thank you to everyone for your patience as we graded hundreds of tests - both in-person and mail-in - over the past weeks. We will be holding our livestreamed virtual award ceremony this Sunday, December 5th. A link will be sent out closer to the event.




Update 1: Reminder that regular registration is due by 11:59 PM on Friday November 5th. The regular registration deadline ensures a lower per-student fee and participation in the Interschool competition for middle/high schools.


Update 2: Parents may sign their students up individually if their school does not have a team. In this case, put "No School Affiliation" in the "School Name" spot on the form. Parents will also be responsible for helping their child from room to room during the competition. 


Update 3 (11/2/21):

A reminder that regular registration is due by 11:59 PM this Friday. After that, the Interschool will be posted publicly to this website, but the answer sheet Google form will only be sent to registered schools. Schools that register after the deadline will be sent the answer sheet in their registration confirmation. However, before then, we have a few major changes to discuss... 


First of all, we have heard some confusion over the topic of FAMAT ID's and deciding team members during registration. To address confusion, we have decided to assign new ID's to all competitors before the event, so no worries about putting ID's on the registration form anymore. Similarly, on the day of the competition, school members on team can simply show up to the team test, and there will be a spot on the test for them to put their ID numbers (so we can cross-reference with individual tests). For divisions without team tests, the 4 highest scores will simply be chosen to represent the school in the division.


Now for the bigger change - due to surprising demand, we have decided to add an alternative "mail-in" method for competing. If a middle or high school cannot attend in-person for whatever reason, they can choose to compete via mail-in by filling out the following form. We will provide school sponsors with the tests beforehand, but not the answer keys; then sponsors can administer the tests on the day of the competition at their own locations, and mail the resulting scantrons back to us to grade. Schools competing mail-in will have separate results and awards (certificates instead of trophies) from those competing in-person, but otherwise the competition format will be very much the same. A more detailed info packet for mail-in will be posted soon. We recommend that any school which can make the in-person competition try to do so, but we hope that by offering a mail-in alternative we can give more distant schools a chance to enjoy our competition as well.


If you have already registered for the in-person competition and would like to switch to mail-in, let us know! Otherwise, the sole mail-in registration deadline will be Friday November 12th, for a fee of $5 per student. We are sorry for how last-minute these changes are, but we will remain available for answering questions and helping out registering schools over the next week.


 Update 4 (11/6/21):

Our Interschool test has been added to the website under the "Interschool!" tab. Answer forms have been sent to all schools that have registered so far, and any schools that register from now on will be sent the answer form in their confirmation email. Remember that the answer forms for the Interschool must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday November 19th, the day before the competition. Besides that, other rules can be found on the test itself. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.


Also, we have recently learned that due to a communication error on our behalf, many schools were not informed of the competition when we had expected them to be. As such, the additional late registration fee has been waived for all schools that register between today and Friday November 12th, meaning in-person registration will remain $10 per student. However, after the 12th we will not be accepting any further registrations for either in-person or mail-in, so make sure to get your forms in by then!


 Update 5 (11/11/21):

Some clarifications and changes about team rankings for this competition...


First of all, there will be no team rankings for elementary schools, as most elementary competitors have been signed up individually and thus we have decided that a team competition would not be fair to them.


Second of all, for the three divisions of Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry, there will be no team rounds as mentioned in the handbook, so team rankings will be determined by summing the top 4 indiv scores - in other words, these divisions do not need pre-selected teams.


Finally, for Algebra II, Precalculus, Statistics, and Calculus, there will be team rounds as usual. The four (or fewer) competitors of each school who take the team test will include their IDs on the test, and we will use these IDs to add up the individual scores of the team members and their team test score - this combined score will be used to determine team rankings.


Please let us know via email if you have any questions about these distinctions!



Dylan Epstein-Gross

President of Rickards Mu Alpha Theta

Class of 2022 

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